Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners is One of Burbank’s Neighborhood Treasures

Photo courtesy of Milt & Edie's

Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners is a family owned and operated business attributing their successes to four generations of family involvement and many long-term employees. Together, they are committed to maintaining the highest standards, quality services and a welcoming atmosphere.

Photo courtesy of Milt & Edie’s

The business is now run by Michael and Beth Shader, the namesake’s daughter and son-in-law. The couple has been involved in the cleaning business for decades and they strive to uphold the founders legacy and longevity.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Michael is always in search of new and better cleaning methods, environmentally sound and safe products, meeting the challenges of keeping the business open 365 days a year, and always maintaining his sense of humor. To improve efficiency, Michael and his team have updated operational systems. Express bags are available for customers to drop off their cleaning with zero wait time. When items are ready, Milt & Edie’s will send the customer a text. Customers can also text that they are on their way to pick up their order and it will be ready and waiting for them.

Photo courtesy of Milt & Edie’s

Customers who sign up for Milt & Edie’s pickup and delivery service will have their laundry picked up from their home or office by Milt & Edie’s delivery drivers. This pickup and delivery service also applies to studios, designers and costume and wardrobe departments.

Like many businesses, the cleaning industry was greatly affected by the pandemic. Milt & Edie’s remained open throughout this unprecedented time and did everything possible to maintain a healthy and safe environment for their employees, customers and community.

Photo courtesy of Milt & Edie’s

As residents of Toluca Lake, Michael and Beth are thrilled that their company has become more than a dry cleaning facility, it is also a community gathering spot. They continue to be very involved in Burbank and Toluca Lake; sponsoring many causes and also hosting events, including pet adoptions and clothing donations.

Recently, Milt & Edie’s hosted a “Community Immunity” event when vaccinations were not easily available. Partnering with Kedron Community Health Center to set up a mobile clinic in their parking lot. This enabled their employees, plus friends, customers and staff at neighboring businesses to receive their vaccinations.

Milt & Edie’s is proud to be a part of this vibrant community. Please stop by, grab a coffee and say hello.

Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners & Tailoring Center
4021 W. Alameda Ave at Pass
Burbank, CA 91505

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