Moms of Burbank Halloween Run for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Kennedy

The Moms of Burbank or MOB for short is an essential social support group for local moms and caregivers that organizes weekly playgroups, monthly service projects, parent night out events, and holds an active private online community. Earlier this year, member Pearl Wu, was diagnosed with breast cancer, and became the inspiration for an upcoming Halloween themed 5k run in which members of MOB will be running in order to raise money for a non-profit organization called Metavivor that funds research for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Kathryn Kennedy, a member of MOB, organized the run which will take place on Saturday, October 30th at 9:00am, with 25 members running down Chandler Blvd in their Halloween costumes. The route will start and end at the corner of Mariposa and Chandler with the halfway mark being between Screenland and Kenwood. The public is welcome to cheer on the runners from the grass or when driving by as long as traffic and path usage laws are obeyed. For a map of the route visit

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Kennedy

The moms of MOB are running to raise money and awareness in honor of Pearl Wu and Breast Cancer Awareness month. “We welcome all donations, 100% of which go directly to our fundraiser benefactor, Metavivor.  Donations can be made through our fundraising page,” said Kennedy. “Pearl chose our fundraiser benefactor, Metavivor.  They are a special and unique non-profit organization who give 100% of their donations to fund research for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  This is typically a diagnosis that is not considered survivable, yet only 2-5% of money raised for breast cancer research is used to understand metastatic breast cancer and finding ways to extend the lives of the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters & friends who are metastatic breast cancer patients.”

One of the group’s members, Rhiannon Clark, is a certified running coach and donated her time by designing running programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants.  Clark organized training sessions twice a week along with strength training sessions for the last two months leading up to Saturday’s run. “Rhiannon Clark has a contagious enthusiasm about all things, and running is one of her passions,” adds Kennedy. “Our community bond was strengthened even more through fitness!”

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Kennedy

Rhiannon Clark who is currently training for the LA Marathon in March, played a vital role in getting the moms ready for Saturday’s 5k. “I love running and I truly believe that anyone can learn to love running and actually have fun while getting in those miles,” said Clark. “I went through and showed everyone the proper form that they should have while running. I’m so proud of the women who have showed up every single week and who have learned how to properly run and now actually enjoy running. I cannot wait to see these women cross the finish line at this 5k, especially those that this is their first race, and they came in claiming to not be a runner.”

Photo Courtesy of Kathryn Kennedy

MOB member Kelly Watson will be participating in Saturday’s run and is helping to spread the word through social media groups. “I started running in the beginning of Covid to help with mental health. It has been life changing. I have really learned to love running, and I am excited to run for a good cause,” said Watson.

You can support the Moms of Burbank group by donating to Metavivor through the link above and by sharing the link with friends and family.