Monterey High School Class Of 2020 Celebrates With Virtual Graduation

(Photo Courtesy Monterey High School)

Fifty-five students graduated from Monterey High School on Friday, June 12, with a virtual graduation ceremony that featured photos and short videos of the graduating class and remarks from special guests.

Several students recorded 10-second personal statements wearing cap and gown. Others opted to have their graduation photo included as an alternative.

Anthony DeJesus graduates Monterey High School Class of 2020. (Photo Courtesy Monterey High School)

The graduates of Monterey’s continuation program have faced challenges along the way to receiving their high school diploma.

“You overcame the things that came in your way,” commented Monterey Principal David Guyer. “You pulled through.”

“Congratulations to the Monterey Continuation High School Class of 2020,” said Congressman Adam Schiff, who recorded a special message for graduates. “It’s an honor to be speaking with you today.”

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“I know this is not how you envisioned your graduation,” Schiff continued. “But then, none of you is a stranger to adversity. Each of you persevered to get here today.”

“You believed in yourselves and so did your family, your friends, your community, your teachers and your fellow classmates,” Schiff added, as he encouraged graduates to “know your power.”

Pearl McArdle graduates Monterey High School Class of 2020. (Photo Courtesy Monterey High School)

The graduation video can be viewed online here.

More information about Burbank Unified School District’s Monterey High School can be found on their website located here.

Congratulations to the Monterey High School Class of 2020:

Kimberly Alcaraz

Jessie Alvarenga

Elijah Alvarez-Metzinger

Chantal Azri

Jonah Beres

Dixie Brunelle

Mario Cordero

Trinity Coreas

Alyssa Dawson Zaldivar

Anthony DeJesus

Rodrigo DeSouza

Hailey Dougherty

Tristen Duque

Obed Estrada

Melanie Estiban

Ethion Flores-Diaz

Samari Fuentealba Pineda

Jennee Gonzalez

Andress Haddad

Niamh Heatherington

Emma Hopkins

Crystal Hopper

Vianney Ibarra

Karla Jovel-Posada

Alex Kanakaryan

James Kassenborg

Arthur Keshishyan

Mace Koenig

Ethan Lucas

Samantha Lujan

Haile Macias

Olivia Manjarrez

Andrew Masferrer

Jasmine Matori

Pearl McArdle

Dominique McRae

Christopher Moreno

Melissa Morlet

Amina Obozova

Michelle Ortiz

Briana Ramirez

Manuel Ramirez

Gavino Reyes

Andres Rocha

Gonzalo Salazar

Me’Lady Sampson

Nikola Saric

Keily Simokovic

Tyler Smith

William Stern

Bella Tokareva

Eduardo Valeria

Jadrien Vassaux

Emerie Weiss

Liana Youredijian