Mother Arrested For Attempting To Murder Daughter


Burbank Police responded to the 800 block of Fairmount Rd. Sunday morning, September 9, after Burbank Fire Department paramedics requested assistance for an unknown problem.

When officers arrived at the home at 8:43 a.m.,they contacted a 21 year-old woman who was house sitting at the home with her 51 year-old mother.  She told officers that her mother had placed a plastic bag over her head and attempted to suffocate her.  The victim was able to tear the bag from off of her head before experiencing any breathing difficulties.  Police did not report a reason for the mother attacking the duaghter.

The victim’s mother, Maral Eulmessekian of Glendale, was arrested attempted murder and taken to the Burbank Jail.  Her bail was set at a half million dollars.  She is scheduled to appear in court on September 11.

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