Mountain Lion Loses His Dinner


A mountain lion was spotted in the 3300 block of Wedgewood Lane, north of Brace Canyon Park and west of Stough Canyon Nature Center, about 8:50 p.m. on September 18. Residents called Burbank police after the mountain lion dragged a dead deer up a driveway and into a residential backyard, according to BPD Sergeant Darin Ryburn. By the time police arrived, the mountain lion was observed running up the hill, into the Burbank Verdugos. The mountain lion was unable to eat his dinner and the deer carcass was turned over to the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Mountain lions are carnivorous wild animals and eat deer and other wild creatures. They will attack and eat domesticated pets like dogs and cats. Burbank Police have released some safety tips about living and playing in areas close to mountain lion habitat, such as Burbank’s Verdugo Mountains.