myBurbank to Break Down Measures P and QS This Week


myBurbank will be breaking down both Measure QS, the school parcel tax and Measure P, the City’s request to raise the sales tax (0.75%).

Both propositions are complicated and involve many elements that we feel the public should know about when making their decision on election day.

We have asked Greg Simay to analyze and break down both propositions for you and hopefully you will take the time to read both of these before making a decision. Both propositions have their positives and well as their negatives. Hopefully we will be able to highlight everything for you in a very understanding way.

Both the Burbank Unified School District and City of Burbank have been very helpful in giving us all of the details we wanted and have answered all of our questions truthfully.

We will post our Measure P analysis on Wednesday and the Measure QS analysis on Thursday.

We will also come out with myBurbank’s recommendations on both propositions on Friday.

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