myBurbank Wants to Help Save Burbank Restaurants


With the pandemic ramping up and County Health Dept. issuing new orders, Burbank restaurants are once again in a very tough position and are fighting for survival.

MyBurbank wants to help out. By clicking on this link, we have created a page you can go to for local restaurants that are open for takeout and delivery.

if you are the restaurant owner, or employee, or just a little customer that was to help your favorite restaurant survive, please give us information so we can post it for the rest of moving to see.

If you’re just a local resident and want to Do your part to help,you can use the guide to find a restaurant to support.

We will leave this page up as long as the pandemic is affecting our Burbank restaurants as a service to them. We have also created an easy to click box on the right side of our website that you can use whenever you feel the urge for a great meal that just might be the difference in keeping one of your favorite restaurants going after this ends.