myBurbank’s Holiday Gift Guide 2021

myBurbank's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide (photos courtesy of Shawna Christian, HarperCollins, Joanna Theresa Heart, and Finney's Crafthouse & Kitchen)

The 2021 holiday season has arrived, and Burbank residents who are gearing up for shopping trips can find many excellent presents from local providers. This guide lists some of the most enjoyable items to consider for your holiday purchases.

The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family by Ron and Clint Howard from HarperCollins, $18.84

The Boys memoir by Burbank natives Ron and Clint Howard (photo courtesy of HarperCollins)

Burbank natives and entertainment luminaries Ron and Clint Howard recall numerous anecdotes of growing up in Burbank while working as child actors in their joint memoir, The Boys. The book is a page-turner with fascinating memories of childhood, work and family life, and explores the story of a family who was able to find unparalleled success in Hollywood from their humble beginnings.

Peggy’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen, $12

The Peggy’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen (photo courtesy of Finney’s Facebook account)

Finney’s Crafthouse & Kitchen, located in Downtown Burbank, is a family owned and operated American Tavern that has a variety of delicious meals and American craft beer. Their Peggy’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a Finney family recipe menu item that will be a satisfying and delightful meal to share with your loved ones this holiday season.

Flikr Mini Fireplace, $95, and XO Marshmallow S’mores Kit for 2, $9.95, from The Palm Coffee Bar

A mini fireplace and s’mores kit, available at The Palm Coffee Bar (photo courtesy of Joanna Theresa Heart)

The Palm Coffee Bar not only produces a variety of coffee, sandwiches and pastries, but also has a shopping section with a wide selection of unique accessories. These include skincare products, trivia games, sunglasses, candles, patches, and more. This handy mini fireplace brings a warm, festive flame to any home, and the s’mores kit for two is a perfect addition to use the fire to make a sweet treat.  

Candlefy Candle from Mindfulnest, $24.00

Candlefy candles available at Mindfulnest (photo courtesy of Edward Tovmassian)

This Candlefy collection, available at Mindfulnest, has individual premium scented candles which each represent a California town, including Burbank, Yosemite, Malibu, and Joshua Tree. Whether it’s a holiday gift for a California native or a far-away friend, they’ll love the heavenly scents of these all natural candles.  

A Thanksgiving Meal from Tallyrand, $27.95

A Tallyrand Thanksgiving meal (photo courtesy of Tallyrand)

Few can resist Tallyrand’s famous Thanksgiving meal, which includes mashed potatoes, stuffing, salad, yams, sourdough bread, and pumpkin pie. After walking in and placing your order in person, this hearty selection can be yours to share as a Thanksgiving gift within minutes.

Jam, $9.60, and Nougat Bars, $5.00, from Petit Parisien

Jam and nougat bars from Magnolia Park boutique, Petit Parisien (photo courtesy of Devin Herenda)

These jam jars and nougat bars from local French boutique Petit Parisien are two great treats for a delicious holiday gift. Also available at the store are children’s toys and accessories, books, games, decor, and more.

Burbank Trucker Hat from The Magnolia Park, $35

A Burbank baseball cap from The Magnolia Park (photo courtesy of Devin Herenda)

Sneaker and apparel store The Magnolia Park carries their own brand of merchandise celebrating Burbank and the Magnolia Park area. This “Burbank” snapback trucker hat is a wonderful wardrobe addition to represent the city right.

Beaded Earrings from Unique Vintage, $28.00

Festive beaded earrings from Unique Vintage (photo courtesy of

A pair of festive beaded earrings from Burbank retailer Unique Vintage is a fun present that celebrates the holiday season. Visit their Downtown Burbank location to find these earrings, clothing, additional accessories, and more. 

Portable Char-Broil Charcoal Grill 190 from DIY Home Center, $34.99

Portable Char-Broil Charcoal Grill 190 from DIY Home Center(photo courtesy of

Just in time for cold weather grilling, this portable tabletop charcoal grill from DIY Home Center is a strong gift choice for barbecue lovers on your list. It can be easily stored and used for festive dinner celebrations, no matter your location.

Burbank Mugs from Bell Cottage, $16.00

Burbank mugs from Bell Cottage(photo courtesy of Edward Tovmassian)

Bell Cottage provides mugs that celebrate the City of Burbank with fun phrases like, “Hugs from Burbank” and “Someone in Burbank Loves Me.” This purchase is a charming and fun stocking stuffer fit for anyone you’re looking to buy for. The store also has products for every special occasion, ranging from children’s toys to jewelry, trivia games and more. 

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Heart from Tansy, 49.99 for 8”, 79.99 for 14”

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Heart from Tansy (photo courtesy of Shawna Christian)

Give a decorative gift to a friend or family member for the holidays by shopping at home goods store, Tansy. These colorful wooden hearts are crafted using reclaimed pallet wood and make for a beautiful present that can be hung on your front door, in your home, or in your garden space.