New Clock Adorns Burbank’s Centennial Park

(Photo by Austin Gebhardt)

Residents of Burbank may have recently noticed a striking new addition to Centennial Park: a Rotary Club clock, poised gracefully near the intersection of North Third Street and East Palm Avenue, just steps from the Burbank Police and Fire Headquarters. This elegant timepiece, unveiled by the Burbank Noon Rotary Club, marks a significant milestone—the club’s 100th anniversary in 2023—and stands as a symbol of a century filled with service, collaboration, and contributions to the community’s welfare.

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting of the clock on April 3 drew more than 60 city leaders, Rotarians and community members. Together, they celebrated not only the centennial milestone but also the enduring impact of the Rotary Club’s contributions to the city and its people, in partnership with the city and other civic-minded organizations.

The clock was manufactured by the Massachusetts-based Electric Time Company and features GPS satellite synchronization for accuracy. Photo by Austin Gebhardt.

Nestled within the city’s second smallest yet charming green space, the free-standing, dual-faced clock does more than just tell time; it serves as a testament to the Rotary’s enduring presence and commitment to Burbank’s betterment. Mayor Nick Schultz praised the initiative, describing it as a clear reflection of the Rotary Club’s continuous efforts to enhance the city.

The ceremony, held on a sunny, warm morning, saw the participation of numerous city dignitaries and staff, including Mayor Schultz, Vice Mayor Nikki Perez, Councilmember Zizette Mullins, City Manager Justin Hess, Police Chief Michael Albanese, Assistant City Manager Courtney Padgett, and City Attorney Joe McDougall. Members of the Burbank Sunrise Rotary Club also attended to lend their support.

Albert Hernandez, past president of the Burbank Noon Rotary and current Rotary District 5280 Governor-Elect, delved into the project’s origins. Initiated during his presidency, this centennial service project aimed to create a tangible and enduring tribute to the club’s century of service. Burbank’s clock is the fourth Rotary Clock Tower in the region, following installations by Rotary Clubs in Santa Clarita Valley, Westchester, and San Marino. Hernandez highlighted the clock tower’s purpose: to represent the countless hours Rotarians have volunteered, enhancing Burbank from supporting young students to aiding older adults, embodying the club’s spirit of service.

Hernandez warmly thanked the key figures who played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life, including Marisa Garcia, Burbank Parks and Recreation Director; city staff members Paula Ohan and Graciela Coronado-Cervantes; the team at Herman Architects; and Jimmy Clegg. He highlighted the significance of situating the clock in Centennial Park—a space established in 2012 to commemorate the city’s centennial. This thoughtful placement not only enhances a cherished local landmark but also strengthens the sense of community and collaboration that is at the heart of Burbank.

The clock itself, manufactured by the Massachusetts-based Electric Time Company, is a marvel of craftsmanship and technology. Made from original 1890s designs, this weatherproof clock features GPS satellite synchronization for unparalleled accuracy and translucent acrylic dials illuminated by LEDs, ensuring its timekeeping legacy will endure for generations to come.