Nikki Perez Announces Bid For Burbank City Council


Nikki Perez, a lifelong Burbank resident and current Vice Chair of the Library Board of Trustees announced her candidacy to serve on the Burbank City Council.

“Being born and raised in Burbank, I know there is so much to love about our city. As the daughter of immigrant parents, BUSD graduate, lifelong renter in Burbank, and trained social worker with a background in public service, I can bring a unique perspective to our City Council. If I have the honor of serving as your next City Councilmember, I will fight every day for the Burbank we love and the future we deserve.”

Nikki is launching her campaign on a strong footing, she raised over $14,000 last month while having secured the support of key community leaders, including: Assemblymember Laura Friedman, State Senator Bob Hertzberg, Vice Mayor Konstantine Anthony, Councilmember Nick Schultz, School Board Member Emily Weisberg, and former Councilmember Timothy Murphy.

On her announcement, Mr. Murphy said, “Nikki is a bright, hard-working, and tireless advocate for those in need! I know her love and dedication to Burbank. Her commitment to your quality of life showed through recently when she pushed through a number of environmental programs that will make us all safer and healthier. I have worked with her side by side as she strives to make our libraries better and accessible to all, with new programs to open new frontiers for lovers of the written word. She is fully dedicated to our community and wants you to have every opportunity for a better life here in Burbank. We need more energetic, passionate, and committed leaders like her.”

Nikki was born and raised in Burbank by her parents who immigrated from El Salvador and Guatemala. Her father is a teamster with Local 399, and her mother is a campus aid with the Burbank Unified School District. She has always been passionate about serving her community – from her first job as a City of Burbank CREST worker, learning public service at the local level; her internship at the City Clerk’s office as a graduate student; all the way to her current role as the Vice Chair of The Burbank Library Board of Trustees.

Nikki also serves as the Scholarship Chair for the Zonta Club of Burbank, ensuring young women in Burbank have the financial opportunity to advance their careers. Recently, she worked to build a broad coalition of Burbank residents to advocate for a package of proposals dubbed the “Green New Deal for Burbank”, many of which have been approved by council.

She currently works as the Project Manager for Kids First, an LA City pilot project that she developed to increase academic success for unhoused students in the San Fernando Valley.

Nikki will be kicking off her campaign with an outdoor event at Johnny Carson Park on Sunday, July 24th, at 2:00pm.

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    1. I have read with care Ms. Perez’s platform statements and while she appears very well-meaning, what politicians wish for us to believe is that Burbank is struggling with high rent and poverty. What experience has taught me is that people want to move to Burbank because they don’t like the other options, i.e. cities that have taxed their hard-working residents and property owners so badly that they left and all who remain are those struggling with money. Burbankers are paying the highest sales tax (10.25%) in the region because of the recent local tax that was added, 7%+ of our utility fees are siphoned off to make up for an unbalanced budget (check that line item called “in lieu transfer”, permits have become very slow, city fees are at an all-time high and tourists pay one of the highest lodging tax rates in California (10%).

      Career and life outcomes show a clear pattern of disparities similar to the pattern of disparities in the amount of time devoted to school work…apparently…lifestyle choices have major consequences. Those of us who have worked hard, saved, invested and lived within our means are being asked to fund an endless number of programs to make Burbank accessible to those who did not wish to pay attention in school, who aren’t willing to work hard, and who imagine that their neighbor should subsidize their lifestyle choices. Babies and seniors are often the face of these campaigns by politicians however what has been learned over time is that government-led programs are ineffective while nonprofits do it better. All of the seniors I know in Burbank are millionaires and own homes with the exception of one and she can receive plenty of help from the federal government. We don’t need to keep taxing Burbankers to help a handful of people. That is the message I keep hearing over-and-over…that there are so many in squalor, however who are these people? Ask for details and you will usually receive silence or one or two case studies. It’s not reasonable to make Burbank the high-tax leader in LA County.

      Residents will now shoulder rising taxes because of the $1 million in legal fees resulting from the Council’s failure to address the State’s housing requirements, despite many warnings from very smart people that they had to do so. Here is the proof:

      What Burbank requires is elected leaders with incredible management experience, strong finance backgrounds and people who have our financial best-interests in mind. We already have a Council with tax-and-spend socialists, what we need is more balance from individuals who will pledge, without hesitation, to oppose any and all fee and taxes increases and will bring our sales and lodging taxes down, cut fees, identify needless spending and honor the hard work of Burbank taxpayers who are being asked to pay for the long list of programs to assist folks who aren’t willing to pay their dues like the rest of us do.

      Will you sign this Taxpayer Protection Pledge as a promise to never raise taxes in Burbank?

      Will all candidates print, sign and return this Pledge?

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