No Burbankers, It Did Not Snow, It ‘Graupeled’ In Burbank On Saturday

Burbank residents (L) Agnesa Kirakosyan and Dvin Apelian, former Burbank High School students, made this 'graupelman' near the Castaway Laui grounds. They said their hands were frozen stiff, and they decided to name this guy Mr. Burbank. (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

The talk around around town on Saturday was excitement that it had snowed in Burbank Saturday afternoon. Well, before you get too excited, meteorologists have explained that what you saw was not snow, but graupel, which is when water condenses around a snowflake. While it may look like snow on the ground, it is not actually not snow flakes, but the small icy balls that had formed and exploded when they hit the ground. By all reports, the only snow recorded in Burbank was in January of 1949 and January of 1950…..or was that just graupel also?

Photographer Ross A. Benson drove up to the hill area of Burbank and found graupel still on the ground in front of the Castaway sign on Harvard and Sunset Canyon and there was still plenty of the white stuff up at the Debell Clubhouse - try and find your gold ball in that stuff! (Photos By Ross A. Benson)
Photo By Ross A. Benson
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