No Fireworks? Burbank Residents Still Making Plans for July 4th

Starllight Bowl July 4 2019 (Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Sporting events have been canceled, concerts and large gatherings have been canceled, and now the 4th of July has been canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Well not exactly, the annual fireworks display at the Starlight Bowl has been canceled, and large crowds are still banned, no big barbeque with friends and family at the park, but Burbank residents are still planning on marking the day with stay-at-home activities.

“We will be in our backyard grilling dogs and burgers and swimming,” said Brent Brooks.
“We will be joined by our daughter and her boyfriend, who have been really good about distancing and quarantine.”

Thanks to the internet, virtual meetings have been the norm during the pandemic. Zoom, the internet meeting site is popular to use.

“My wife and I will be Zooming with friends in West Hills, and family in Utah, and New Jersey,” said Savino about his planned virtual 4th of July. “If Ribs U.S.A. is open for takeout or delivery, we’ll order our usual July Fourth fare (but, of course, will eat at home).  Maybe we’ll watch “Jaws”.

(Photo by Ross A Benson)

The Burbank police and fire department will have an increased presence over the weekend. Additionally, the BFD will have their volunteer program patrolling the streets looking for any incidents of concern. 

If you still yearn for big fireworks displays with all its excitement, there will be firework displays from around the country airing on television and streaming on the internet. The annual “Independence Day Celebration in the Capitol” is still scheduled–despite the surge of COVID-19 cases nationally and Washington DC still in phase two of its reopening–and is expected to draw large crowds. The 4th of July spectacular will be hosted by the President and First Lady and will feature live music and a special flyover by the Blue Angeles, the Thunderbirds, and vintage WWII airplanes. PBS will be broadcasting the show, and it will be live-streamed on the White House website.

Fireworks displays from around the country will be streaming on the web and airing on television. You can find a list on the Patch website and ABC7’s website. The Grand Park 4th of July Block Party held in Los Angeles will air on ABC7 and streamed live.