Officer Angela Burrows Receives $1,000 Rex Andrews Scholarship

Officer Angela Burrows and Brian Volpei. ( Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Many of you may not know Angela by name, but after hearing about who and what she does, you’ll feel as if she’s one of your best friends. Officer Burrows has faced adversity, hurdles, and has continued to rise to the top. After reading about her many feats below, I have no doubt you’ll liken Officer Burrows to that of a Superwoman.

Burbank Police Officer Angela Burrows. (Photo by Ross A. Benson)

Below is a brief Q&A with Angela Burrows in which she discusses what the Rex Andrews Scholarship award means to her, and how you can help her raise money for our military veterans. Enjoy!

A Conversation With Officer Burrows

Given your background in being a single parent, a servant of the community, your volunteer work, a fundraiser for U.S. Veterans, and being an all-around Super Woman; Where do you find the time to manage all of these facets of your life? 

Oh wow…when you phrase it like that, it sounds like a lot! All of these things are important to me.  It is a lot easier to manage anything when it’s important and serves a significance in my life.  These are my priorities in life and rather than be overwhelmed, I try to embrace everything including the challenges that may set me back.  Set backs are going to happen.  I have come to realize that and I am more accepting and less critical of myself because of it.

What do you feel is Burbank Police Department’s greatest strength? 

Officer Angela Burrows (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)



Our greatest strength lies within our Community.  We are fortunate to have continuous support from our community which creates such a positive impact on how we provide police services.  Law Enforcement today is more challenging than it has ever been.  We face many obstacles while doing our job and it truly makes our job easier when we have the support of our Community. 


You were recently given a $1,000 scholarship to go back to school. What does that mean to you? 

I am extremely honored to have been selected to receive this Scholarship.  By continuing my education despite my age, I am leading by example and I hope I can inspire my son and anyone else to do the same.  It is never too late.

Officer Angela Burrows. (Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

What area of study are you looking to jump into? 

I am currently working on my BS in Psychology, which is beneficial to my career as a Police Officer.  As an Officer we are often in contact with people who have a mental illness.  I have a better understanding and awareness of what I need to say and do when in contact with someone who suffers from a mental illness.

I understand you’re raising money for U.S. Veterans by jumping out of a plane. Could you elaborate on how residents of Burbank can donate/sponsor you? 

22 Veterans commit suicide each day.  Operation Jump 22 is a fundraiser that was established in partnership with Mission Volant to help raise funds for combat wounded Veterans.  Mission Volant started as a simple idea.  To change the lives of combat-wounded Veterans in a spectacular way, by helping them adjust back to Civilian life.  Sadly, this is a major challenge for Veterans.  For those who have been wounded, the struggle is even more significant.  Our goal is to provide services and training for the true heroes who have risked their lives to protect our freedom.

Operation Jump 22 was created by Brandon Feco, owner of KNB Capital in Westlake Village.  Brandon’s own passion for Skydiving inspired him to create a fundraiser that would encourage and challenge others to face their fear by jumping for a great cause.  

Brandon told me about his idea and I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved.  This fundraiser is personal to me since I have many friends and Co-workers who serve in the Military. My own fear of heights and respect for Veterans inspired me to sign up to Skydive.  The event will take place on Veteran’s Day on 11/11/17 at Skydive Santa Barbara in Lompoc from 10am-3pm.  There will be entertainment, food and raffles.  If you would like to donate or sponsor my jump, please go to  WWW.OPERATIONJUMP22.COM/DONATIONS/ANGIE


All proceeds will go directly to Mission Volant.  If anyone is interested in donating items as raffle giveaways, please call 805-813-4100 or email!