Officers Acknowledged For Their Efforts Toward DUI Arrests

Burbank Police take a driver into custody at a recent DUI Checkpoint (Photo By Ross A. Benson)

At a Los Angeles County Law Enforcement Recognition and DUI Seminar last week, in conjunction with *OTS, MADD, NHTSA, and AVIOD the 100, numerous individuals from law enforcement agencies were honored for their efforts and work in the area of DUI’s in 2011.

Three individuals from the Burbank Police Department received recognition for their outstanding work.

Officer Terrill was recognized for 47 DUI arrests.

Officer Burke was acknowledged for 29 DUI arrests.

Officer Martinez was honored for 27 DUI arrests.

We congratulate these three individuals, as well as the many other BPD officers, for their hard work on their consistent focus in the area of DUI’s.

*OTS  California Office of Traffic Safety
MADD  Mothers Against Drunk Driving
NHTSA  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
AVOID the 100  The Los Angeles County DUI Program

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