OP/ED: A BWP Customer Asks: How Can I Reduce My Water and Power Bill?


We understand that it can be challenging to budget for increased monthly bills. Living up to our motto, “Always there for you,” Burbank Water and Power (BWP) wants to help you manage these higher costs. BWP and its partners offer a wide variety of programs designed to help Burbank’s residents save money and conserve resources. From financial assistance to programs and rebates that make homes more efficient, we stand ready to help our customers.

Programs to help you conserve and save money

During the 2021-22 fiscal year, BWP invested more than $1.4 million toward energy and water efficiency programs for its residents and businesses. These programs help Burbank improve its collective efficiency, saving over 6.8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, and 34.5 million gallons of water.

Whether a customer is looking to make their home more energy-efficient or is interested in reducing their water usage or considering buying an EV (Electric Vehicle) – we offer many different programs and educational resources to help our customers live a more low-cost, energy-conscious lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Burbank Water and Power offers rebates for new energy-efficient appliances, thermostats, and ceiling fans.
  • Our no-cost Home Improvement Program provides our residents, regardless of income, an opportunity to improve their energy usage with simple solutions.
  • Outdoor watering being the number one source of water waste and excess usage, the turf removal and irrigation rebates provide a significant win for everyone.

Visit the BWP Rebates and Incentives page for information on available programs and rebates to help you save!

If you’re looking for more, the BWP Conserve for Tomorrow page is a one-stop resource full of educational videos, infographics, and tips to help you reduce your water bill and save money. We also encourage everyone to use our WaterSmart Tool, which makes it easy to view your water usage and receive personalized tips on how to save water. Lastly, with our home energy usage tool, you can monitor your electricity consumption and see where you can save even more. Combining water and electricity conservation can have a significant impact on your monthly bill.

BWP’s programs to help manage bills

BWP has money-saving options for all customers, no matter how much money they make. These include a Utility Users Tax exemption for seniors and people with disabilities and budget billing to balance your bill every month. For any customer looking to make their homes more comfortable while conserving energy and water, the Home Improvement Program is highly recommended. Here’s what BWP customer, AJ Hanson has to say about the program, “Sending my thanks to BWP for offering the Home Improvement Program. As a retired senior on a fixed income I am so thankful that BWP provided all these energy saving items at no cost. Also, I feel good about helping conserve some water and power. The Synergy team that came were professional, knowledgeable and courteous.”

Copyright 2023, Image of a BWP customer with BWP’s Sustainability Superhero sign

Available BWP Programs that provide bill management and financial assistance

For more information about our financial help programs, please visit our website or call Customer Service at (818) 238-3700 during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM).

Why are costs going up for water and electricity?

Inflation, the pandemic, supply chain issues, and volatile energy markets are just some of the several factors causing increased costs for Burbank’s water and electric services. The proposed rate increases are necessary to accommodate the growing expenses of providing water and electric services, as well as to invest in long-term improvements that ensure a more dependable and sustainable energy and water infrastructure for the future. As your community-owned, not-for-profit local utility, unlike other for-profit utility service providers, we operate in the public interest for the benefit of the residents, businesses, and organizations of Burbank. We are not beholden to stockholders who may live hundreds of miles away and have little interest in our community. We work for the Burbank community as a lean organization and set rates to recover operating costs – nothing more.

In fiscal year (FY) 2023-24, beginning July 1, BWP is proposing an electric system average rate increase of 8.5% and a water system average rate increase of 9%. Next FY, 2024-25 on July 1, 2024, the proposed rate increases are 8% for electricity and 9% for water.

Get more information on BWP’s 2023-24 Proposed Rate Increases page.