Overnight Field Trips Unanimously Approved By BUSD

A short meeting that lasts two hours and 13 minutes yields several nuggets.

(Photo By Ross Benson)

Everyone likes taking overnight trips and especially high school students and at the last Burbank Unified School Board meeting at City Hall one for each school was voted upon and unanimously approved and it was the highlight of the two hour and 13-minute meeting.

The two are Burroughs High’s Vocal Music Association overnight field trip to the Eastern Show Choir Festival in Boston, Massachusetts, from Thursday March 30, 2023 to Monday, April 3, 2023.

The second is Burbank’s Unleashed Dance Team field trip in which it will participate in the United Spirit Association Dance Team Nationals in Anaheim, from Thursday, March 16, 2023 through Sunday, March 19, 2023.

There was also a District Facilities and Custodial Support update report rendered.

A) Management

1) Lack of clear cleaning guidelines and implementation.
2) Goal setting and evaluations not occurring.
3) Unclear overtime procedures.
4) Delayed payment of overtime.
5) Infrequent site visits.

B) Custodial Vacancies

1) Seven (7) current vacancies.
2) Sixteen (16) positions filled in the past 12 months.
3) Evening custodial supervisor was vacant for more than six months.

C) Lack of Custodial Substitutes

1) Previously had more than 30 individuals on the sub list, now down to four with only one regularly accepting work.
2) Averaging 10-15 plus absences each day plus vacancies requiring coverage.

D) Compensation

1) Starting salary for a custodian is $16. 23 per hour.
2) Starting salary for senior custodian/campus supervisor is $16.59.

E) Custodial supervisors will visit custodial staff at every site at least once per week

F) Senior district leadership conducting regular site facility visits

G) Reinstituting monthly all-custodial staff training

H) Creating improved channels for communication

1) Daily email to sites informing of custodial absence.
2) Google Form for site administration to notify custodial supervisors of issues.
3) Clipboard in each classroom allows for communication between custodian and classroom staff to inform of cleaning completed.

I) Implementing regular evaluation schedule while providing supports and accountability

J) Streamline overtime payment process

K) Innovative Human Resource Recruitment Strategies

1) Employment Fair at Burbank Adult School.
2) Creating Grounds and Operation course at the adult school.
3) Analyzing custodial positions and temporarily reducing certain requirements.
4) Social media Campaigns.
5) Online job positions.

L) Created four permanent custodial positions that will be used to cover vacancies and absences (currently screening applicants)

M) District now funding the cost for background fingerprinting
1) Saves substitutes and new hires approximately $75.

N) Health back screenings are eliminated

1) Not required by law, workers’ compensation or liability JPA.
2) Less than 50 percent of peer district in Los Angeles County conduct back screening.
3) Frequently cause multiple month delays for new hire to begin work.

O) Applicants can substitute while waiting for a permanent position hiring decision