UPDATE: RETURNED!! Owners Heartbroken After Man Steals Family German Shepherd From Backyard


Editor’s Note: We just received word from Stephanie Kazaryan that Ellie has been returned. And the strangest part is that whoever brought her back, left her back in the backyard and just left without notifying anyone, which is fine with Kazaryan because Ellie is back where she belongs!

When you own a pet, you always take the time to check in with them, and this was nothing new for Stephanie Kazaryan as she looked forward to seeing her beloved dog, Ellie.

Ellie was taken Friday morning

“Ellie is a super friendly and energetic pup. She loves jumping and running around, and loves chewing up her toys,” said Kazaryan.

However, when there was no sign of Ellie around 10:30 am Friday, a bit of panic set in. Immediately Kazaryan and her parents jumped in their car and started to scour the neighborhood in the area of Bel Aire and Elmwood for their German Shepherd, who must have somehow found a way to get out and go on an adventure.

After combing the surrounding area for nearly three hours, they decided to go back home and check in with some neighbors with security cameras that might have a clue which direction Ellie ran off in.

To their shock, they found Ellie had been stolen.

“What we discovered from our neighbor’s security cameras was a man walking to the front of our house, then walking up our driveway and to the gate that opens to our backyard. Then, he walks down our driveway with Ellie in his arms. We’re still trying to contact other neighbors on our block to get more footage – hopefully, someone saw him getting into a car or saw where he might’ve gone,” according to Kazaryan.

They know that Ellie was home at 10:30 am, and when they went to check on her at 11:20 am, she was not there.

Ellie was recently spayed and was still wearing her cone when abducted

Kazaryan called the Burbank police, who took a report of the theft. In the meantime, they are still trying to get neighbors to help with video from their security cameras to see if anyone spotted the man and Elie getting into a vehicle.

A heartbroken Kazaryan is hoping to recover her dog, “Ellie means the world to us, and we’re so sad that someone would do something like this. Our home feels empty without her. She’s a black and tan German Shepherd. She was spayed just a few days ago, so she’s wearing a cone around her neck. She also has a red collar with her name tag that has our phone numbers written on it.”

If anyone has any information that would help, please call the Burbank Police Department at 818 238-3000, and you can reference DR# 22-9252.

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    1. I am sorry for your loss. Crime has really started growing in LA County. My neighbors have suffered a stolen catalytic converter and a fully-stripped car. Not as sad as this situation since those things are easily replaced. Sad to hear this.

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