Park and Recreation Board to Get First Look at Revamped George Izay Park


Thursday will unveil the reenvisioned George Izay Park Master Plan, which will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Board on Thursday, August 11th.

The process started back in October of 2021, and during that time, input was sought by different community members regarding what was wrong with the park as well as what they liked.

Burbank’s Parks and Recreation Department, in collaboration with RJM Design Group, conducted this public engagement and in-person outreach workshop to help identify and determine the needs of Burbank residents and stakeholders regarding future improvements to George Izay Park and its amenities, facilities, and buildings.

In the new rendering that will be presented, much of the improvements are cosmetic with things such as picnic tables, separate play areas for different aged children, additional trees in the parking lot, and some reshaping and restriping. They plan to leave the softball diamonds intact and as is, although, at one time, they looked at a different configuration where all had their home plates placed near the center with the four fields facing outwards.

Major improvements suggested include demolishing and rebuilding the recreation building, demolishing the Little Theatre, and replacing it with a community room. The Betsy Lueke Center would relocate to the new Olive Recreation Center.

You can see a couple of views of the Master Plan below.

The meeting will be held at City Hall (275 E. Olive Ave.) inside the Council Chambers starting at 6 pm. The recommendation is for the board to discuss and file the report. The report will be used to possible identity areas to be focused on down the line, and the Board will then have to find the funding in future budgets to make some of the improvements.

If you cannot attend the Park Board meeting and would like more information, you may view and read about it at the Project Website:

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