Parking Control Officer Struck by Vehicle She Was Trying to Have Impounded

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

A Burbank Parking Control Officer was struck by a vehicle that she attempted to have impounded on Tuesday morning on the 200 block of Evergreen.

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

At 9:10 am on Tuesday, Aug 30, a traffic control officer came across a Mercedes with registration that had expired in July of 2021 and was registered to a person in Calabasas. After running the vehicle’s information, she called to have a tow truck dispatched to impound the vehicle.

At 9:30 am, she came back on the radio to tell the dispatcher that she had been struck by the vehicle that she was trying to impound, and the female driver of the car had fled the area. Police and paramedics responded immediately to assist.

Police immediately began a search for the 2012 Mercedes and received a call from a bystander that the car was now parked at Rose and Warner, about two blocks away from where the incident occurred.

When they arrived, they found the vehicle in the alley behind the 4210 block of Warner with the driver still inside, taking her into custody at 9:40 am. They took the suspect to the station to book her for Assault With a Deadly Weapon.

Police took into custody Malaya Williams, 22, of Pomona, and arrested her for 245 (Assault With a Deadly Weapon).