Parks and Recreation Basketball Season Ends

More than 400 youth in the community competed in the program this year.


The Burbank Parks and Recreation Youth Basketball season completed with 45 teams and over 400 participants.  Teams ranging from 3rd-8th grade played multiple games and got the opportunity to learn and have fun in a team environment.  With the help of over 100 volunteer coaches, we were able to have a successful season.  League Participants:

Girls 3/4
Lights Out Girls 3/4
Shooting Stars
Thunder Dragons
Panthers’ 3/4
The Dream Team
Girls 5/6
Order on the Court
LA Storm
Burbank Defenders
Space Jammers
Wild Things
Girls 7/8
California Fire
Lights Out 7/8
Burbank Ballers
Shockwave 7/8   Boys 3/4 Shadow Tigers  California Fire 3/4   Thunderbolts BB Club Bruin Legends 3/4 Coyotes  TJ Hoopers  Crusaders Sharp Shooters 3/4   Boys 5/6 Bruin Legends Boys 5/6 Slama Jama Rockets Owls Mamba Sharp Shooters 5/6   Boys 7/8 Bruin Legends Boys Burbank Rebels LA Storm Boys 7/8 Mambas 7/8 Legends Riptide Bandits SFV Tigers Sharp Shooters 7/8 Tunesquad Burbank Bucks BASEketball Dunkin’ Donuts

At the end of the season players participated in the end of season skills challenge.  Players dribbled around cones, had to make shots at marked spots, and got a bonus free throw at the conclusion.  Each division had top 3 finalist. 

2022 Basketball Skills Challenge  

3/4 Girls              

1st Place              Joana Banalao

2nd Place             Lyric Agosti

3rd Place             Angelena Romberger

3/4 Boys             

1st Place              Cael Harney

2nd Place             Ben Gordon

3rd Place             Ben Jacobsen

5/6 Girls              

1st Place              Hannah Nagahori

2nd Place             Everly Crowther

3rd Place             Ellouisa Quiel

5/6 Boys             

1st Place              Caleb Slack

2nd Place             Emilio Almanza

3rd Place             Brodey Simokovic

7/8 Girls              

1st Place              Anna Rose Phillips

2nd Place             Elizabeth Amoroso

3rd Place             Natalie Megerdichian

7/8 Boys             

1st Place              Gus Borkin

2nd Place             Vincent Rosales

3rd Place             Tyler Lorenc