Parolee Caught With Heroin, Weapon in His Burbank Home


In their ongoing effort to ensure compliance of individuals on parole living in the City of Burbank, police investigators conducted a parole search in the 2300 block of Chandler Boulevard.

Burbank Chamber

Investigators contacted the sole occupant of the residence at the front door, confirmed his identity, and detained him pending the parole search.

During the parole search, investigators located suspected heroin, suspected methamphetamine, a pill bottle containing a variety of prescription pills, suspected marijuana, and numerous drug paraphernalia items. In addition to the narcotics, a semi-automatic 9 mm handgun was recovered from the living quarters.

Investigators placed Alexander James, M/27, of Burbank under arrest for possession of narcotics for sales, possession of a firearm, and felon in possession of ammunition. Alexander James is being held on no bail due to the parole violation.

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