Pasadena High Players Lose More than Football Game to Burbank High


Pasadena High School traveled to Memorial Field Thursday night, October 12, to take on Burbank High in a Pacific League football game.  A bad night on the field after a 42-0 loss to the Bulldogs became even worse when they returned to the locker room at halftime to find that someone had broken in and stolen personal items from three players.

According to Sergeant Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department, three players reported a loss of cash, a cell phone, and stereo headphones from their bags.

Players from both schools use locker rooms provided by Burroughs High. It was not made specific which locker room was being used by Pasadena.

The case is currently being investigated by School Resource Officers.  As of now, a suspect(s) has not yet been identified according to Green.