Phone Found Recording Customers in Patys Restaurant Restroom


On September 25, a suspiciously located cellphone was discovered by a server inside the restroom of Patys Restaurant, a 60-year-old landmark diner on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake. It was soon realized that the phone hidden underneath a sink had been recording videos of customers and employees using the unisex restroom.

Since news of the discovery spread among servers last week, multiple employees have quit their jobs. As the police investigation continues, other servers are also considering finding new sources of income.

It is unknown how long the cellphone had been placed there prior to being found.

Ashlie Burgess, who had been a server at Patys for five years until last week, raised concerns on whether the phone captured videos of minors. She did not feel comfortable returning after the incident.

At this point in the investigation, the LAPD is not releasing any additional information.  If any Burbank residents have any concerns or information they should contact the LAPD