Photo Gallery: Burbank Firefighters Knock Down Auto Fire And Then Deal With Hazmat Incident

(Photo by Austin Gebhardt)

Burbank Firefighters were called to Pass Avenue and Riverside Drive intersection this past Saturday afternoon. They found a well-involved auto fire in the parking lot of the old Fed-Ex. Building.

Firefighters made a quick knockdown of the fire and then discovered they had gasoline and water on the ground they had to take care of. Firefighters had to dike the water and gasoline runoff prior to cleanup. They called a Truck Company to the scene and used a material that absorbs fluids the same as kitty liter. The cause of the fire is under routine investigation.


    1. Hi. A few corrections. The fire occurred off the alley south of Riverside on Rose St. the actual address is 137 N Rose St. Some time ago the owner/landlord paved a portion of the yard and made a parking lot for the employees of his Realty business near Priscilla’s coffee shop. I complained to the city, but they said they couldn’t prove it so it was dropped. For the past eight months he has been allowing someone (not the tenants) to conduct auto repair on junk vehicles. Yesterday I heard the guy grinding away then boom! A few minutes later here comes the fire dept. Is there anyone that can help shut this business down? Our kids walk down this alley. Isn’t there a law prohibiting auto repair business on private property?

      I would appreciate any help/comments
      Thank you.

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