PHOTO GALLERY: Burbank Rose Float Judged Packaged and Heading to Pasadena

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

On New Year’s Day this year, Volunteers and Helpers put all hands on deck to get Burbank’s Entry into this year’s Rose Parade Turning The Corner.

This year the Rose Parade will be on Monday, giving float volunteers an extra day to put the finishing touches on this year’s float. Judges showed up at 2:00 as planned, walked around with notebooks & clipboards, and were only given 5 minutes to do their final judging before the Parade.

City Council members gathered along with other officials to place Roses on this year’s entry Adventure Awaits.

Come 7:00, the float was attached to a City Truck with a Burbank Police escort, and off they went. The long drive to Pasadena on city streets all the avoiding street lights and low hanging branches. The trip over only caused minor damage that will be repaired prior to the parade time of 8:00.

Pictures from the Sunday event.

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