Photo Gallery: Special Effects Professionals Hold Safety Class At Burbank Fire Departments Training Center and Landing Zone

(Photo by © Ross A Benson)

Following a fatal on-set shooting recently the Office of Cal Fire held a new safety class for Special Effects Personal, Pyrotechnic Operators, Fire Safety Officers, and others at The Burbank Fire Departments Training Center. Meeting at The Burbank Training for classroom instruction Center that went over pages and pages of safety recommendations. Then they headed up to the fire department’s landing zone for some hands-on and visual training.

Here in these pictures, they showed the safe and proper way to prepare for a burning body scene. All pictures were photographed under the watchful eye of Fire Safety Officers along with Burbank Fire Marshall. It shows the protective gel that is used and the layers of clothing a stunt person wears and prepares with. The last pictures show the signal he gave that it was getting too hot and use the fire extinguishers to put the fire out.

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