Photo Gallery: Tequilas Burbank Hosts Five Course Pairing and Mezcal Tasting Event


Tequilas Burbank held their second successful tasting and pairing dinner event this past Wednesday, this time featuring artisanal agave mezcals from Michoacan, Mexico.  Community members, friends, and council members came out to enjoy the night in the back patio with a five-course dinner and mezcal cocktail pairing.

La Luna Mezcal representatives provided a tasting of five different mezcals along with a constructed cocktail to pair with one of Tequilas Burbank’s recipes. Courses provided during the dinner included a shrimp cocktail margarita, enchilada suizas with green tomatillo sauce, a bowl of chile colorado, a mini cast iron pan with sizzling fajitas, and churros y nieve for dessert.

Goodie bags provided by La Luna were set up on the table with guests’ names on them, holding company swag items like lip balm and sunglasses.  La Luna representatives also shared about the company and the similarities and differences between tequila and mezcal.  

While all tequilas are mezcals, not all mezcals are tequila. Mezcals can be made from over 200 types of agave plants, 10 of which are used by the La Luna company. Mezcal has a smoky flavor because it is roasted inside in-ground fire pits filled with wood or charcoal, whereas tequila is steamed in ovens aboveground. La Luna uses traditional distilling methods by using clay pots, tree trunks, wood stills, and copper pots. Mezcal also differs from tequila because it is sipped, not “shot,” and contains 45% alcohol.

Tequilas Burbank owners Patricia, and Carlos Franco, put together another fun event that was enjoyed by everyone in attendance. The couple are active members of the community and continue to organize events and fundraiser dinners to support local organizations and schools. Their next upcoming event is a cancer awareness dinner fundraiser on October 12th in support of the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.  Details about the event will be going out to the public on September 25th.