Pick-Up Point For Ridesharing Companies To Relocate at Airport


On Tuesday, July 18, the pick-up location for ridesharing companies that operate at Hollywood Burbank Airport, such as Uber, Lyft, Wingz, and Opoli, will be relocated from the ground level of the Short Term Parking Structure to the ground transportation island closest to the Terminal B entrance. This new pick-up point will provide increased convenience for passengers who use ridesharing apps to travel from the Airport, while also alleviating traffic congestion in the Short Term Parking Structure. Rideshare drivers can continue to drop off passengers at the terminal curb.

“We’ll put personnel out there to help guide our passengers, answer questions and direct them to the new location,” said Hollywood Burbank Airport Executive Director Frank Miller. “There will be tremendous effort on our part, and our logistics are going to be dynamic.”

Other ground transportation operations will remain at the islands, although their pick-up and drop-off points will also change. Beginning July 18, door-to-door shuttles will pick up passengers at the island closest to the main terminal entrance. Airport parking shuttles will drop off and pick up passengers at the middle island across from the main terminal entrance.

Off-Airport parking shuttles, hotel shuttles and courtesy vehicles will drop off and pick up passengers at the middle island across from the entrance to Terminal B. There will be no change to the taxi pick-up location at the Airport.

A map (see below) and informational video for passengers is currently available on the Airport’s website, www.hollywoodburbankairport.com/ground-transportation, and the video will be posted on the Airport’s social media channels and on-site digital displays next week. The digital displays, courtesy of Metro Los Angeles as part of the I-5 traffic mitigation project, also provide train and bus schedules for passengers who wish to take public transit to and from the Airport.

In addition, Airport staff has delivered an informational packet, which includes maps and an instructional video, to the rideshare companies that operate at the Airport. The purpose of this information is to educate rideshare drivers about the new pick-up point prior to its implementation, as well as to emphasize Airport regulations for rideshare company pick-ups and drop-offs.

This map, which will be posted in the Airport’s baggage claim areas and on its digital displays, shows the new island locations for ground transportation options at Hollywood Burbank Airport. Additional relocation materials are available on the Airport website,