Pipe Bomb Turns Out to be Possible Movie Prop


On Wednesday morning around 7:35 am, Burbank police were called to an apartment building where someone had found a ‘cylindrical object’ according to a press release issued by Sergent Derek Green of the Burbank Police Department. As in all cases like this, the immediate area was evacuated and traffic was stopped on Hollywood Way until the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Arson and Explosives Detail could respond.

Green Stated, “The object was identified as a possible pipe bomb. It contained four cylindrical PVC pipes attached together with clamps, with wires protruding. Due to the densely populated area, coupled with the suspicious circumstances, the surrounding neighborhood was cordoned off as a precaution. Several residential units were also evacuated in the interest of safety and to allow investigators to examine the device.”

Once the bomb squad arrived and were briefed by Burbank officers, Sheriff officers used their robot to go in and retrieve the device where after an examination, found that it contain no explosive material inside.

“The object resembled a movie/television prop.” said Green.

Residents were allowed to return and Hollywood Way reopened to traffic around 11:00 am. Burbank police will now investigate as to where the device came from and who was responsible.