Police Arrest Man on Four Counts of Arson


Mark Ryan, a 45 year-old transient from Glendale, has been arrested and charged in connection with several arson fires in Burbank.

The fires were on Christmas Day and two days later, on December 27. The fires were set on the YMCA Property (321 E. Magnolia Bl.), at 43 E. Palm Ave and in a breezeway adjacent to 325 N. San Fernando Bl. A donation bin, a motorhome and a dumpster were damaged.

The donation bin and motorhome were destroyed. Damage to the building interior at 43 E. Palm Ave. and trash dumpster were minimal, but several adjacent trees were burned.

Ryan was contacted and questioned on Christmas Day, near the first fire, by officers responding to the call. They released him as they did not have enough information to connect him to the fire at the time.

Shoeprints were found and collected from inside the vacant building at 43 E. Palm Ave. Surveillance footage also depicted the same person in the area of the three fires on December 27. The person appeared to be Ryan, based on the clothing and overall physical features.

Patrol officers contacted Ryan later on December 27 and found the soles of the footwear he was wearing matched the shoeprints taken from inside the vacant building.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed four separate counts of felony arson against Ryan. He is being held on $310,000 bail. He was due to appear in court today.