Police Arrest Man On Restraining Order And Burglary Charges After Extensive Search


Burbank police arrested 50-year-old Jeffrey Haggerty on a restraining order violation and a burglary charge after an extensive search of a residence and property on the 3000 block of Trudi Lane on Wednesday, April 2.


BPD New Police Car -2Police were initially called to the residence at 2:10 p.m. Wednesday regarding a restraining order violation, with information that Haggerty was inside the house, said Officer Joshua Kendrick of the Burbank Police Department.

A restraining order violation report had been taken by police on Haggerty when he was inside the residence one day previously on Tuesday, April 1. Officers confirmed the restraining order was valid and Haggerty was listed as the restrained party.

As officers were responding, the BPD airship arrived and observed a male attempting to climb over a back fence, added Kendrick. The man returned to the residence and officers in the airship did not see him exit the residence again.

Officers searched the living area of the residence, but were unable to locate Haggerty, Kendrick said. “As the officers were searching, they observed a closet off the patio, with a ladder against the wall, leading to a small opening, to the attic.”

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“Officers were unable to access the small opening, but located another attic crawl space inside the residence and were able to gain access to the attic through that area,” he continued. “As officers looked inside the attic they observed [Haggerty] laying down in the corner of the attic. Officers ordered [Haggerty] out, to which he complied.”

Police located a bag of valuable coins during a search of Haggerty while he was being detained.

“Officers determined the coins had been removed from an adjacent closet and he intended to sell them,” explained Kendrick.

“Based on the fact that [Haggerty] is restrained from entering the residence and has no standing of any property inside the residence, officers determined [Haggerty] entered the residence to steal the coins and sell them,” Kendrick clarified.

Haggerty, who is listed as a Sunland resident on the BPD’s arrest report, was booked at the Burbank Jail and his bail was set at $50,000.