Police Arrest Two at Ramada Inn After Gun Struggle


Wednesday night around 10:10 pm a Burbank Police officer was patrolling the Ramada Inn parking lot at 2900 N. San Fernando Boulevard. According to police, the officer saw a male and female walking in the lot and as he got closer to them, the officer noticed the odor of marijuana emitting from them.

The officer got out of his car and approached the couple, finding the odor was stronger from the male, who police identified as 28 year-old Cody Carter from Sun Valley.

The officer attempted to detain Carter, but he kept walking and when the officer saw Mr. Carter reach for his waistband,  the officer grabbed Carter’s arm, fearing he was reaching for a weapon. Carter pulled away, at which time the officer saw the grip of a handgun in Carter’s waistband.

The suspect’s female companion, 28 year-old Yessinia Ventura from Sun Valley, reached for Carter’s waistband in an attempt to retrieve the handgun. The officer was then able to pull Carter away from Ventura as the struggle continued.

The handgun, which was later determined to be loaded, fell to the ground and Ventura fled on foot.

The officer was able to handcuff Carter,  who stopped struggling shortly after the gun fell to the ground.  Another responding officer responding to the scene was able to stop and apprehend Ventura as she ran through the parking lot.

Officers found Carter to be also in possession of marijuana.

A search of the bags that Ventura was carrying revealed a second unloaded handgun and 73 pages of identity theft paperwork. The paperwork included bank account, credit card and personal information belonging to numerous victims.

Police have made continuous patrols of the Ramada Inn since the death of Burbank Police Officer Matthew Pavelka in 2003. Numerous arrests for drug violations at the hotel.

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