Police Arrest Two for Auto Burglaries


Burbank police arrested two men after an alert patrol officer early working early morning patrol last Friday spotted two men standing next to a parked vehicle on Cambridge Drive and Sixth Street.

One man was standing next to the driver door, while the other was leaning into the open trunk of the car.  Finding the circumstances to be suspicious at 4 am, the officer drove towards the men.  Upon seeing the officer, both men fled on foot, one carrying duffle bags.

The officer followed the men, eventually catching up to them and directing them to stop.  The men complied.The duffle bags and other property were found near the men and in the immediate area.

Officers made contact with the owner of the car, who is a nearby resident.  The owner told the officers she did not know the men and identified the recovered property, which included the duffle bags, multiple pairs of shoes, clothing and a wardrobe kit, as belonging to her.

The men were both arrested for auto burglary.  They are identified as Richard Brubaker, 24 and  Rene Ruvalcaba, 29, both residents of Sun Valley

The LA County District Attorney’s Office filed one count of auto burglary and one count of petty theft against each suspect.  Burbank Police detectives believe Brubaker and Ruvalcaba are likely responsible for at least a dozen other auto burglaries and thefts from vehicles in the hill area of town since July 11.  The investigation into the other thefts is on-going.

Anyone who may have information on this cases or other thefts from vehicles, is encouraged to contact Burbank Police at (818) 238-3210.

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