Police Find Stolen Car, Arrest Suspects for Fraud and Narcotics


On the night of Saturday, February 24, the Burbank Police graveyard team discovered a stolen vehicle on San Fernando Rd. across from the Burbank Town Center.

(Photo Courtesy Burbank Police Department)

Upon inspecting the car, police recovered stolen IDs, credit cards, mail, keys to mailboxes, counterfeit

(Photo Courtesy Burbank Police Department)

money, credit card scanners, and narcotics.

Police arrested both occupants of the vehicle, one male, and one female.

This is the second arrest made this week related to narcotics and fraud. However, it seems to be unrelated to the incident which occurred on February 22.

Neither of the suspects’ identities has been released.

The Information gathered for this story has been supplied by Burbank Police Department’s Social Media accounts.



(Photo Courtesy Burbank Police Department)
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