Police File Charges In Felony Vandalism & Felony Hate Crime Arrest

(Photo y Ross A. Benson)

Ed Note: Updated 12/24 at 1:23pm – Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Dept. said the District Attorney has filed 10 felony counts of vandalism and no hate crime charges because the vandalism did not meet the elements that are considered to be hate crimes.

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Burbank resident Drew Benda, age 18, was arrested Monday evening, December 23, for felony vandalism and felony hate crime by Burbank Police. Benda was arrested for at least 13 separate incidents of spray-painted graffiti on vehicles, garages, houses, reported by myBurbank.com as the story broke Monday night. Burbank Police released a comment this morning, December 24, to allay concerns of reportedly very disturbed residents of the Burbank hills area targeted with the graffiti.

“There’s no indication that these crimes from the suspect are directed towards any person or group of persons,” commented Sgt. Darin Ryburn of the Burbank Police Department. “This is an individual acting out. We will be filing the appropriate charges today.”

Thousands of dollars worth of damage resulting from Benda’s actions has already been reported, according to Ryburn, who noted that additional incidents of related vandalism may still be reported. Benda was booked into the Burbank Jail and his bail is set at $50,000. He is due in court Thursday, December 26.


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