Police Search For Suspect After Shot Fired At Group Of Men


Burbank Police currently have an area contained around the area of Brighton St. and Winona after a report of a man firing a group at another group of men.  Reports from the scene say that a Hispanic man fired at a group of Hispanic and Black men in a back alley near Buena Vista and Winona.  The men fled south down the bike path while the gun man and three other went up the alley northbound.  No one has been reported shot at this point with the gunman described as a male Hispanic in his late teens or early twenty’s with a shaved head, wearing a white shirt and dark baggy pants.

*At 4:25 pm, Burbank police are currently searching the area house to house with the aid of a K-9 and helicopter.

*At 5:30 pm, Burbank police have not found and victims or suspects and have suspended their search