Police Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

By On February 3, 2015

Burbank police arrested a Burbank woman and Los Angeles man for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary after pulling over the pair for a vehicle code violation at Clybourn and Verdugo Friday morning.

Eliana Perez (28) and Francisco Garza (31) were both in the car when contacted by alert Burbank police officers while on patrol. Both occupants (the driver and the passenger) admitted to having prior arrests for burglary and narcotics and on current probation.

The officer received consent to search the vehicle and discovered numerous burglary tools, along with stolen property.  Both suspects were arrested for possession of burglary tools and stolen property.

Perez is being held on a “flash incarceration” as she has prior arrests, and no bail has been set.  She is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday February 3, 2015.  Garza is being held on $45,000.00 bail and also scheduled to appear in court on February 3, 2015.