Police Take Woman into Custody After for Allegedly Driving Stolen Mercedes

Photo by Ross A. Benson

Burbank and Glendale police worked together on Thursday to take a woman into custody after police claimed she was driving an aledged stolen vehicle.

Photo by Ross A. Benson

Police say they observed a Mercedes CLA 250 exiting the parking lot of Home Depot on Thursday night, September 28. just after 8:00 p.m. Police did not reveal the reason that officers were suspicious of the vehicle, but ran a recorded check of the license plate and it came back as a stolen vehicle out of Los Angeles.

According to Sgt. Steven Turner of the Burbank Police Department, officers requested other officers to meet them so that they could perform a felony stop of the Mercedes.

“Officers followed the vehicle into the City of Glendale until sufficient units arrived. Officers then conducted a high-risk stop of the vehicle in the area of Central Avenue and Arden Avenue. The vehicle immediately yielded, and the occupant was taken into custody without incident.”

Police have identified the suspect as Jahari Chatman, a 32-year-old female resident of Los Angeles.

Turner also said that Glendale Police sent several units to assist with traffic control.

The suspect was brought back to Burbank and was later booked for vehicle theft, fraud, possession of a fake ID, felon in possession of a stun gun, and possession of suspected cocaine. Turner also said there was no pursuit involving this vehicle.

Police will now send the case to the L. A. County District Attorney’s office for formal charges.

Photo by Ross A. Benson