Police Take Man Into Custody After Stand-Off On Griffith Park Drive


   Burbank Police Officers were called to the 600 block of North Griffith Park Drive late Saturday afternoon when a resident called police reporting her son was breaking in the front door with a knife in his hands. When Burbank Police arrived at the home, the suspect had already made entrance inside the residence.

      The Burbank Police got other family members out including a baby from the house and were told the suspect, who Burbank Police have allegedly had contact with before, was now held-up in a back bedroom.
     As a precaution that the suspect might get out of the house, the neighbors on both sides were temporally evacuated and additional officers were call in. Burbank police had to use non lethal force and a taser to subdue the suspect.  
     Police identified the suspect as Corey Petrie, 26 years-old, of Burbank.  He was taken into custody and transported to the jail on a psychiatric hold.
     Burbank Police are continuing their investigation as this same subject was wanted from an alleged incident the previous night where a person was taken to the hospital with a major eye injury following a crime at OSH in which the subject eluded police.
(Above and left) Burbank Police were able to get the mother and sister along with a baby who lived at the residence of the Griffith Park home out safely before they entered. (Below) Burbank Police secure Corey Petrie of Burbank after officers had to use non-lethal force to have him comply with officers.  (Photos By Ross A. Benson)