Providence High School Cuts Ribbon on New Science Center

Students gather in the Providence HS Activities Center for the Science Center Dedication(Photo By John Savageau)

By John Savageau
Staff Writer

Students arrived at Providence High School Monday morning not only for their first day of school, but also to celebrate cutting the ribbon on their new science center.  New, modern, cutting-edge science classrooms will help students pursue their dreams in media, technology, and medical sciences.

Bishop Wilkerson blesses the Science Center (Photo By John Savageau)

“It became apparent the 1955 science environment needed improvement” noted Sister Lucille Dean, Chair of Providence, Health and Services Board of Directors, and former Principle of the school.

The new science center, with 3 state of the art physics, chemistry, and biology labs, dazzle visitors and students.  Several students were overheard discussing how much fun it will be to “break in” the classrooms.  Guests provided their approvals, and teaching staff strained to get to work.

Bishop Gerald Wilkerson explained that Providence High School has a close relationship with the adjacent Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, and the school has a great interest in promoting development and interest in the sciences.  Both Providence HS and the Medical Center share common roots with the Sisters of Providence, which since 1843 has served communities through service in education and health care.

A recurring theme in the science center’s opening ceremony highlighted ties between Providence High School’s goal of preparing students for service in health care and other service professions, and the need for ensuring a student never loses their soul or faith in the pursuit of knowledge.

Science Center Bio Lab (Photo By John Savageau)

According to Paul Kaminski, Director of Advancement, Providence HS began raising money for the project in 2007, ending with a total of $3.2 million.  Completed in 3 stages, including a new quad and lunch area, the Science Center was the third and final phase.

Providence HS opened in 1955, and has been co-educational since 1974.  Enrollment continues to be strong, competitive, and students follow a course directed at college preparation, as well as participating in elective programs including Medical Focus, Media Focus, and Technology Focus.  Graduates have entered universities throughout the United States, from Syracuse University, the University of Minnesota, to UCLA.

Students gather in the Providence HS Activities Center for the Science Center Dedication(Photo By John Savageau)
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