Providencia Elementary Art Gallery And Artist Reception Celebrates Young Artists

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

More than 80 works of visual art, musical composition, literature, dance choreography and short film were celebrated at the Providencia Elementary Art Gallery and Artist Reception held recently at the school as part of the annual PTA Reflections Art Contest.

“It is truly an honor to run the Reflections program and put on the Art Gallery and Artist Reception at Providencia!” commented PTA Reflections Chair Trichel Yee. “The creativity and artistic talent of our Providencia Students is amazing!”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian
Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“The vision of the Reflections program is to reflect on the theme, create and be recognized,” continued Yee. “I find great satisfaction in knowing that I am helping each participant to believe in their inner artist!”

“I imagine myself flying this airplane and becoming an astronaut when I grow up,” said second grader Jaxen Ramos in his artistic statement about his creation. “I didn’t use color because I don’t see color but am always imagining!”

Young artists and their families dressed up for a special evening of art, music, film, literature and dance and celebrated the youngsters’ accomplishments.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian
Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The works of art were entered in the 2015-16 National PTA Reflections Art Contest, with the theme of “Let Your Imagination Fly!” For over 40 years, the annual art contest recognizes student achievement on local, regional and national levels.

“My art relates to the theme because I have always thought of having cotton candy hair…” said third-grader Sophia Martinez-Soto in her artistic statement.

“It is exciting to see how each participant reflects on the theme and then creates!” added Yee. “It is in the creation that you can truly see into their thoughts and emotions.”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian
Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“My first idea was a large wave with flying butterflies,” fifth grader Lana Arana said in her artistic statement. “As I started to glue my colors my imagination grew and changed. Finally I created an underwater world with fishes swimming and a rainbow with a sunset.”

Yee started the Art Gallery in 2014 “to really recognize our artists in a real life way. I believe that school should also teach you how to behave and act once you are out of school – there is no difference with the Arts!”

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian
Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

“When an artist creates art, they show it off in an art gallery… and thus, Providencia’s Art Gallery was born!” she explained.

“White lights are hung all over in lieu of the regular hallway lighting, students and guests are encouraged to dress in semi-formal attire, Student Council members serve plated hors d’oeuvres and the crowd favorite is the sparkling cider!”

“All the artwork is on display and guests were encouraged to create a portion of the collaborative art project of Art in the Making. Squares were designed by each person and then will be put together to make one big piece of art!”

Yee’s enthusiasm and support of Providencia Elementary’s young artists bubbles over when she talks. She is already making plans for next year’s Reflections Art Gallery event.

2015-16 Providencia Elementary PTA Reflections Winners:

Primary Visual Arts

Evan Menchaca – “Brain Creation” – 1st Place

Jaxen Ramos – “Fly with Me” – 2nd Place

Valerie Linda – “My Life Under The Sea” – 3rd Place

Intermediate Visual Arts

Amy Ta – “Books Take You On Adventures With Imagination” – 1st Place

Sophia Martinez-Soto – “Cotton Candy Hair” – 2nd Place

Kayla Archuleta – “Imagination Can Take You To Unlimited Heights” – 3rd Place

Special Artist

Jeremy Rhee – “My Elevator” – 1st Place

Cristian Munoz – “The Rocket Man Will Let Your Imagination Fly With You” – 2nd Place

Cristian Munoz – “Let Your Imagination Fly Wild With Your Legos” – 3rd Place

Primary Photography

West Talvitie – “The Creeps” – 1st Place

Zander Talvitie – “Burlington Northern Cargo Train” – 2nd Place

Malachi Maurer – “Wizards Chess” – 3rd Place

Intermediate Photography

Jade Ramos – “Watch Them Fly” – 1st Place

Kayla Archuleta – “What Do You See” – 2nd Place

Keira Stamp – “Shoot For The Moon” – 3rd Place

Film Production

Mackenzie Bedford – “The Cake” – 1st Place – Primary

Owen Gersh – “The Imagination Rings” -1st Place – Intermediate

Dance Choreography

Brielle Dunn – “Folklorico Dancing” – 1st Place – Primary

Mia Tejeda – “Just Imagine” – 1st Place – Intermediate

Jimena Menendez – “Imagine You Can Fly With Your Butterfly Wings” – 2nd Place – Intermediate

Primary Literature

Jeremy Rhee – “Fountain Everywhere” – 1st Place

Lilliana Baird-Gonzalez – “Fly” -2nd Place

Music Composition

Dane Byrne – “It’s Halloween” – 1st Place

Intermediate Literature

Rachel Little – “It Was Worth It” – 1st Place

Kailynn Garcia – “Magical Back Pack” – 2nd Place

Andrea Martinez-Soto – “The Sky From Another Eye” – 3rd Place