Record Breaking Heat Wave Passes Burbank and Southern California


Southern California was hit by another record-breaking heatwave this past Labor Day weekend.  Temperatures in Burbank were recorded as high as 117.8 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, setting the City record.  Temperatures in Woodland Hills reached 121 degrees Fahrenheit Sunday, setting the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles County.

Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

The City of Burbank took the precautions of closing all of its hiking trails from September 5th through Labor Day, as well as closing the weekly farmers market early due to the excessive heat. Los Angeles County has opened Emergency Cooling Centers, including one in Burbank at the Buena Vista Library Meeting Room, which was open from September 4th to September 7th.

The Burbank Fire Department responded to multiple hiker rescues, false fire alarms triggered by excessive heat, as well as multiple reports of smoke or fire from the hillsides, due to the large plumes of smoke from nearby fires.

 Multiple wildfires have been sparked in the Los Angeles area, resulting in poor visibility and air quality.

Temperature measurement was taken near Burbank and on San Fernando at 12:30 pm shows a reading of 117.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Photo By: Edward Tovmassian

Burbank Fire sent Fire Engine 15 as part of an Area C Strike Team to assist in the firefight of the Bobcat Fire burning in the Angeles National Forest North of the City of Monrovia. Over 2 million acres have been burned this year across California, which already sets the record for the most acres burned annually in California, and our winds haven’t even begun.

This heatwave is expected to be hotter and more widespread than the previous heatwave two weeks ago according to the United States Forest Service. There is also increasing confidence by the Forest Service that our first Santa Ana Wind event of the year will impact portions of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag warning due to gusty winds, low humidity, and extreme heat, which will be in effect until September 9th at 8 pm. 



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