Renovated Stadium Brings Pride to Burbank Community


On Saturday, February 25th, I had the pleasure of attending the Dedication Ceremony to open the new Memorial Field at John Burroughs High School. The new stadium, running track, and playing field, is truly magnificent. A standing room crowd of residents, and City Officials, joined in the spirited dedication ceremony. A joint effort between the City and the School District, the planning of which began 15 years ago, this facility will be used by the students as well as the residents of Burbank.

Mayor Talamantes spoke of his High School days playing Football on the field. City Manager Flad was very funny, recalling that while a student at Burroughs, he vowed to one day tear down the stadium after Burbank was victorious in the season ending big game rivalry. Much was made of the importance of this project, originally begun by City Manager Ovrom, passed to former City Manager Alvord, and finally to current City Manager Flad. This reflects on the kind of management we’ve had in the City, with officials focused on what’s good for the community. The end result is really good. If you’re on the High School Soccer Team heading to the play-offs, or you’re an athlete like myself, trying to keep your 40 yard dash time in the 5 second range, you can’t help but to excell on this great playing field.

In a project of this magnitude, many people step forward to play a role. There was a long running fund raising effort, headed up by former Mayor Michael Hastings. Hastings, known for his great will to do things for the right reasons, secured donations from the Burbank Health Care Foundation, Burbank Priority in Education, the Walt Disney Company, and the Cusumano Real Estate Group. With a storied history in Burbank, the Cusumano family has given back to this community for decades. A close knit family, all of them are like your neighbors, grounded and sincere. How cool is it that they made a major contribution to this project. They continually work to better our community. I remember sons Michael and Charlie, carrying fond memories of their High School Football days at Memorial Field, suited up, played, and starred in a alumni Football game, something like 15 years after graduating Burroughs. Totally amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in the rebuilding of Memorial Stadium.

As a resident I am so glad I live in Burbank.

Joe Hooven


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