Rep. Adam Schiff Releases Statement on UFO Report

(Photo by © Ross A. Benson)

Today, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, released the following statement on the release of the unclassified unidentified aerial phenomena report from the Director of National Intelligence, which includes contributions from elements of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense:

“Through the Intelligence Authorization Act, the Congress and the Intelligence Committee required the preparation and release of today’s report, as it has become increasingly clear that unidentified aerial phenomena are not a rare occurrence and our government needs a unified way to gather, analyze, and contextualize these reports.

“We should approach these questions without preconceptions to encourage a thorough, systematized analysis of the potential national security and flight safety risks posed by unidentified aerial phenomena, whether they are the result of a foreign adversary, atmospheric or other aerial phenomena, space debris, or something else entirely.

“We look forward to reviewing the report and will host a classified briefing for the Members of the House Intelligence Committee later this year based on its findings and to build on the Member briefing held last week. As we continue to receive updates, we will share what we can with the American people as excessive secrecy will only spur more speculation.”

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    1. I would appreciate our leaders in Washington, in this case our fellow Burbanker Rep. Adam Schiff, placing focus on more important and Earthy subjects. There is so much work to be done in America. The flood of people entering from the South Border has had real and not-so-good effects on our Burbank community. It would be helpful for our leaders and elected officials to prioritize very important and pressing urgencies.

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