Rep. Adam Schiff Updates Burbank on FAA Furloughs

Congressman Adam Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff Updates Burbank on FAA Furloughs Following the Senate’s vote to end FAA air traffic controller furloughs on Thursday, the House jumped in and passed legislation to fund the country’s air transportation system – at least until the end of this fiscal year. Having passed both chambers, the bill is on its way to President Obama to sign and become law.

Air travel in the United States, including LAX and Burbank Airport, were all directly impacted by the furloughs, most notable in departure and arrival delays. myBurbank asked Representative Adam Schiff (D) from California’s 28th District to give his thoughts on sequester, furloughs, and his efforts to bring the problem to a close.

It’s my continued hope that Congress will take steps this year to void the sequester entirely in favor of a more sensible plan of deficit reduction, but if this cannot be accomplished we should do everything possible to save programs that work, keep us safe and keep our economy running.

The elimination of air traffic controllers across the nation, including at LAX and Burbank, was beginning to cause flight disruptions and delays, and impacting commerce in a way that would further injure our economy. That’s why I voted today for legislation allowing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to prevent staffing shortages that have caused delays in the aviation system. 

But today’s vote does nothing to stop other equally damaging cuts due to sequestration – including Head Start, seniors losing their “Meals on Wheels,” loss of housing assistance causing families to be evicted from their homes, and the prospect of justice delayed in our federal courts.

It’s imperative that we replace the sequester with a balanced package that will actually grow the economy and reduce the long-term deficit, and stop these continual band-aid solutions.

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