Rep. Schiff Releases Statement on Impeachment of President Trump

Congressman Adam Schiff

Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) released the following statement following voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump for inciting an insurrection at the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential Election:

“Every second that Donald Trump remains in office, he is a clear and present danger to our nation and our democracy.

“For months, Donald Trump spread lies about a stolen election. At a rally in front of the White House, he whipped his supporters into a violent frenzy. He told them ‘we are going to the Capitol’ and to ‘fight like hell.’  And they did.

“They attacked our Capitol, assaulted police officers, broke down doors and windows. Some of them carried weapons or plastic restraints. Pipe bombs and assault weapons were found nearby. Five people died, dozens more were hurt. The truth is that as bad as it was, it was just seconds away from being far worse. The mob nearly breached the House and Senate chambers with hundreds of Members inside.

“None of that is in dispute. Incitement of insurrection is an impeachable offense.

Burbank Chamber
Stop Outdoor Watering

“And yet, the vast majority of my Republican colleagues stand mute, or worse, continue to support this immoral president.

“Today’s decision to impeach President Donald J. Trump was a grave one, but not a difficult one. Either we uphold our oath to protect the Constitution, or we do not. Either we safeguard our democracy, or we do not. Either we remove this dangerous man from office, or we do not. It’s really that simple.

“Trump has been impeached, now twice, and he must be removed from office, once and for all.”


  1. Mr. Schiff. Unfortunately every thing that you represent is false especially after all the lies that you supported earlier in the Trump impeachment trials. You are sop not worth listening to. Plus you have cost us as Americans so much only for your foolish activities

  2. You and pelosi Harris and Feinstein and the rest of the California Democrats need to resign. Before you ruin every other state like you’ve done California And the Democrats obsession to take down Donald Trump is beyond what someone with a normal mental thought would consider. The dislike of a person is not a reason to try to destroy them. You do know 75,000,000 people voted for him right? Also, You better look at some of the videos of Democrats tearing up the town when trump was inaugurated, and Harris go funding criminals. That were caught destroying our American history. Just a little one sided I say.

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