Report: Coral Cafe Ghost Trapped In Beer Bottle


The legendary Coral Cafe ghost no longer roams freely throughout the 24-hour eatery. It now resides in a half-filled bottle of Corona beer next to the cash register.

coralThe restaurant was concerned that the noisy dry walling activity might disturb the ghost. A local psychic sensed that the ghost had a fondness for beer.  Specifically, Corona. “It’s not that he’s a boozehound,” explains the psychic. “It’s just that when he was alive, a cold bottle was always a part of happy times.”

The rest was easy. Real-life ghostbusters C.S. and R.B. sucked the ghost’s ectoplasm into their device and expelled it into a half-filled bottle of Corona beer.  “He’s quite happy there in his new home,” assures the psychic.

Patrons of the Coral Cafe are encouraged look at the Corona bottle and shout “Viva cerveza” as they pay their bill at the register.

oh, and did we say, April Fools!

    Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center