Reported Mountain Lion Was Probably A Bobcat Say Police


On Thursday afternoon, at approximately 12:15 p.m., Burbank police officers in vehicles and the airship responded to a site along a trail about two miles up in the Burbank Hills above the Stough Canyon Nature Center after a woman called police for help.

Mountain_lion“She stated she was being stalked by a mountain lion,” said Officer Joshua Kendrick, when reached for comment on Thursday.

The airship landed at the spot near the woman at the top of the Burbank Verdugo Mountains and one of the pilots escorted the woman down the mountain to safety. Officers searched the area but saw no sign of a mountain lion.

“After talking with her further, it sounded like the animal was a bobcat,” commented Kendrick on Friday, April 18.

The animal the woman described was much smaller than a mountain lion, about the size of a large house cat. Bobcats also have a short, bobbed tail, unlike the cougar’s long tail. On average, male cougars weigh about 140 pounds, while females are about 95 pounds.

The woman also then told police she only saw the small cat, that it was not stalking or tracking her, added Kendrick. There is no further information about the incident at this time.

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