Residential Parking Permit Renewal Applications Coming

By On January 23, 2018

Release from the City of Burbank:

Residential parking permit renewal notices for the 2018­2020 cycle will be mailed at the end of January to all current permit holders. In March of 2016, the Burbank City Council approved various code changes in order to further protect neighborhoods from non-resident vehicle parking overflow. Some of these changes were delayed until this upcoming city-wide permit renewal.

Starting in 2018, the residential parking permit fee is thirty dollars ($30) for each permit. All permits are valid until April of 2021 no matter which year they are purchased. The cost is then prorated by year sold. For example, a permit costs thirty dollars if purchased in 2018, twenty dollars in 2019 and ten dollars in 2020. The next citywide permit renewal will occur in 2021.

Time-Limited Streets

Residents who reside on time-limited streets (one-hour, or two-hour parking restrictions) are allowed up to five transferable hang tag permits; however, residents must provide vehicle registration for three cars to obtain permits four and five.

Permit-Only Streets

Permits for permit-only streets are not transferable and the new permits must be affixed to the lower-left, driver-side windshield. Residents living on permit-only streets (no public parking during the posted time-frame) may obtain up to five windshield decal permits; however, vehicle registrations are required for each permit requested. The vehicle registration(s) must match the applicant’s qualifying address.

Additionally, the permit display area is expanded for both time-limited and permit-only streets. Permits may be displayed on like permitted streets within each zone as indicated on the map  (Zones A-H). For example, a Zone C hang tag permit may be displayed on any of the two-hour or one-hour streets within Zone C. A windshield decal permit in Zone C may be displayed on any other permit-only street in Zone C.

Residents who are part of the PASS Program can use their PASS benefits to receive an 80% subsidy and pay six dollars per permit. For more information about the PASS program, please click here:

To request a new residential permit parking zone for your street, click here. To remove an existing permit parking zone from your street, click here. Residents have until April 30th, 2018 to renew their permits. After that time, parking enforcement takes effect for the 2018-2020 cycle. For further information, please contact the Public Works Department at: 818-238-3915.