Restaurant Review: OG Wingz

Photo by Connor McCrory

Burbank Is filled with many different amazing restaurants from Tallyrand to The Castaway, but when it come to finding a good hot wing restaurant in Burbank there aren’t many. 

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Photo by Connor McCrory

As of September, 2019 “OG Wingz” is one of Burbank’s only family run hot-wing restaurants that caters specifically to hot-wings, making it a unique asset to Burbank.

Upon arriving at Og Wingz I was greeted by Mario Bolanos (manager & head cook at Og Wingz), with a very professional vibe, He quoted “I think Og Wingz is an amazing addition to Burbank, and I hope that people like the idea of a HEALTHY hot-wing spot”

After being greeted I sat down and ordered six “BBQ honey” wings & six “golden heat” wings. While waiting for my food I talked to Jack Torosian (founder) and asked him why he started Og Wings. He responded, “I work out a lot and wanted to find a healthy alternative to fast food, so I invented Og Wingz”. Jack also wanted to mention that “All of our chicken is sourced locally and its 100% USDA organic”.

Photo by Connor McCrory

When I received the wings they were served on a metal tray with a paper liner and included a few celery and carrot sticks.  The honey wings had a nice zesty “BBQ honey” flavor and the “golden heat” had a spicy but not too hot mango flavor. I must say, these were the bests chicken wings I’ve ever eaten.

I was surprised to see a new creation of Jack Torosian called “Whealthy Meals” which are pre-packaged complete meals to buy or to go.  These can be delivered on a subscription basis.  Some of the meals consist of tri tip and mashed potatoes, shrimp and pasta, grilled signature salmon and many others.

Photo by Connor McCrory

All in all, “OG Wingz” is a phenomenal addition to Burbank and I recommend anyone who is in to healthy moderately priced food to try

OG Wingz located at 321 E Alameda Ave Unit #H, Burbank, CA 91502, open from 7 a.m. until 12 a.m. Check out OG Wingz on instagram @og.wingz and their website



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